I learned a new word, recently.  Apparently, to have a “squish” is to want VERY MUCH to be friends with someone.  I’ll tell you what, I get squishes like no one’s business.  I have squishes on The Bear’s friends.  I have squishes on co-workers.  I have THE WORLD’S BIGGEST SQUISH on The Bear’s sister.

Here’s the problem.  I’ve never met her.  I’ve never even had a virtual conversation with her.  We are facebook friends.  We follow one another on Pinterest.  Most importantly, I read her blog.  I don’t know if she knows that I read her blog, but it is a beautiful, sassy, honest, and I love it.  I won’t put it on here (sorry) because I don’t know how comfortable she’d be with that, but that blog has made me love that girl.  Between that and the way her brother loves and appreciates her friendship, I love that girl like she was family already.  But how does one handle that situation?  Do you run up to her the day you meet her and hug her (like a total spaz), because that’s how much you love her?  Or do you shake hands and say “It’s so nice to meet you!” even though what you want to say is “You are the most radiantly beautifully-spirited woman I have ever than the pleasure of meeting and I am honored to meet you!”?

Really, what my question boils down to is whether you put yourself completely out there, ignoring social norms and throwing caution to the wind, or do you not put yourself too much out there, keeping in mind the fact that the other person may be completely zigged out by you?


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I'm a Texas girl on an adventure!
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