What the heck, Fox.

So, about a week after that last post, I went to my first fencing lesson in many years with Red (a new character in our little saga and a dear friend and coworker). We ran (I am VERY not a runner), then they taught us proper stance. When we (sort of) had that down, they showed us how to advance and retreat, so we could do advance and retreat drills and they could watch our form. I advanced pretty dang well! In my first retreat drill, however, I took two steps, then collapsed on the floor with a scream. After a series of mishaps and shenanigans, I learned that I had torn my ACL. YAY! So, you haven’t heard from me in a while because I’ve been working two jobs (one of which is teaching), I’ve been attending and participating in grad school, and I’ve been dealing with some super-fun chronic pain!

However, I’m one week out from surgery and one day out from summer, so expect to hear from me again soon!


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I'm a Texas girl on an adventure!
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