I’m STILL bad at this…

Every year, I swear to myself that I’m gonna post more often and every swingin’ year, I stop posting as soon as school starts.

That happened a little earlier than usual this year, because this year, I started grad school! That’s right, friends! I’m getting a master’s degree!

“A degree! How wonderful!” I hear you cry. “What science are you studying, science teacher?”

Haha! I say, That would make sense, wouldn’t it! Nope. I’m studying theology. Because there’s so much money in it. Right?

In any case, I have been studying since July (I actually flew directly from the closing mass of mission trip to my first residency week in Wisconsin) for a degree in Theological Studies! Some shenanigans have ensued and I am now switching to a degree in Pastoral Ministry (the hybrid-distance equivalent of a residential master’s of divinity) so that I can roll right into a Doctorate of Ministry, as well. I’m honestly not entirely clear on what the end result of this calling will be, but I am studying my tush off and, if nothing else, I will be the best-educated Youth Minister anywhere around!

I’d promise you more updates, more frequently, but we all know that would prove to be a fib (especially with two jobs and a full-time degree plan!). So I’ll just promise to try.


About chloebennett

I'm a Texas girl on an adventure!
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