Back Out

I am 99% sure I have depression. It runs in my family. I’ve never gotten diagnosed because I have an issue with therapists I’m trying to work through, but I know the symptoms and I have them.
I love so, SO many things about my job and getting to run the StarLab is one of them. I get to run a mobile planetarium, teaching the kids how to recognize constellations and telling their stories and legends and I love it. But it means that I spend at least two weeks during the darkest time of year in darkness all day. And it sends me into a depression. When it’s over, I come back out of it, of course, and it isn’t half as bad as some people’s depression, but a depression, nonetheless.
And this is how you know I’m back out – how I know I’m back out: I start to sing and I start to cook.
It’s been a while, but I’m glad to be back.

About chloebennett

I'm a Texas girl on an adventure!
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